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75 ton bliss inclinable power press, model c-75

75 Ton BLISS Flywheel-Type Open Back Inclinable Power Press, Model C-75, S/N H65695 (New 1974)
Crankshaft diameter at main bearings
Minimum strokes per minute (for intermittent stroking
Slide bolster area and thickness
Bed bolster area and thickness
Depth of throat, center of ram to face of column
Stemhole in slide, diameter x depth
Air friction clutch and brake with pedestal mounted dual electric palm button or remote
electric foot pedal control
Dual air counterbalances & dual air receiving tanks (one is extra large capacity and sits
on the floor on the left side of the press & the other one is mounted on top of the
Removable bed bolster plate with drilled and tapped bolt holes
7-1/2 H.P. 3/60/230-460 volt drive motor and electrical controls
Machine is wired for 230 volt operation.
(F.O.B. Truck, Wilmington, DE)