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New gas manometer pressure test kit 15" water column

New Gas Manometer Pressure Test Kit 15" Water Column
Manifold Pressure Test Kit: Analog 0 to 15" of Water Column
(Model: GPK015) w/Case, Tubing & Brass Adapter GPK015
Measure Natural gas (methane) or LP gas pressure across appliance manifolds.
Test gas stoves, furnaces, dryers and other gas appliances.
Can also be used for other non-corrosive gases. This is a National Safety Product.
* Large 2½" sensitive diaphragm gauge is calibrated in inches of water column, also shows ounces per square inch
* Magnified lens for easier reading
* Easy to use, just attach the brash adapter to the appliance and hook the tubing to it and read the pressure.
* Specifications: Range:0 to 15 inches of water column (in. H2O) , 0 to 9 ounces per square inch (oz./in2)
* Supplied with: 2½" sensitive diaphragm gauge; 3' of rubber tubing with brass fitting for quick connection to the appliance manifold, 3/8" NPT, a plastic carry case for easy carrying.
* Never run out of battery!!! because you do not need it.
* Never need to mess up with water in glass tubing and guess if the column is plumb!
* As precise as your eyes can read the analog dial.
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WARRANTY: One year for this manometer from date of purchase. Norman waring and tearing and abuse are excepted. We may elect to replace the defective part or replace the defective whole unit at our choice.
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New gas manometer pressure test kit 15