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New wood bundler (eliminator ) for 10-15" film width -

The Eliminator EL-3000 Wood Bundler by Highlight - NEW!
Holds Stretch film with a 10-15" width and up to a 10" diameter.
The Eliminator Wood Bundler is a fast, convenient, and cost effective method for bundling wood, especially split wood. The Eliminator allows you to bundle wood with stretch film NOT shrink film. It mounts to the floor (or can be made portable by purchasing one of our portable stands). The wood remains stationary as you manually rotate the arm holding the film to secure the load. Highlight's film saving Stretch Set system allows you to control film stretch while providing uniform, repeatable wrapping results Results that mean increased package strength and lower costs. The Eliminator accepts all standard 10-15" width standard handwrap. Your film choices are NOT limited to costly re-rolled film on non-standard core sizes.
Nebraska & Iowa residents please add appropriate sales tax.

New wood bundler (eliminator ) for 10-15