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High grade emergency warning light, vehicle light bar

"PATLITE, No1 in the World for FA and Vehicular Signalling Technology"
High Grade, Shcok proof, Water proof, Superior design, Less wind resistance, Japanese motor with 10 year life, minimal power consumption
NOTE for large orders there is a 1 to 2 weeks manufactuuring time (we are closed on public holidays)
HWS is manufactured in State of the art manufacturing facility pictured above. Examples of use.
" The Patlite Light bar is simply Beautiful on any any vehicle, it just makes your car look that much better. It's so much more better than any other light bar on the market. It's a Simply the better choice! Quality is also exceptional" Sydney, Australia.
Suitable for Car, Truck, Construction Equipment or Factory. 12v. 24v also available upon request but you must confirm Stock status. (optional Speaker Mic - added cost)
PATLITE Signal and JTech 's new ergonomic HWS series emergency vehicle light bar is equipped with a modern aerodynamic body designed to reduce air resistance and noise whilst driving at high speeds. The proprietary miniature DC motor is the pride of Patlite, boasting achievements like economical 0.1-amp power consumption, operating temperature as low as -40ºC, and a rated life of 10,000 hours. The light bar is amazingly well priced for its quality & performance. It is used by police, army, ambulances and fire trucks world wide, with a 99% market share some regions.
* Highest grade of Manufacturing and product quality designed for Heavy Duty use. This emergency Vehicle light bar approved and used by Government in Japan and countries world wide.
* Unique reflector system delivers a powerful flash and warning light
* Ultra low power consumption - PATLITE motor uses only 0.1 amp power
* Operating temperatures from - 40ºC - High performance in weather
* Reduced battery consumption means fewer loads on car batteries
* Excellent Aerodynamic character boasts superior stability in operation
* Reduction in wind resistance results in less noise and fuel consumption.
* Built-in Integrated Speaker system under chassis body (discreet)
* Halogen 55w or 70w - Low power consumption version is 35w halogen
* Xenon Strobe type available - 1/3 power consumption triple flash
* Vehicle light bar lengths available in - 1108mm, 1368mm, 1628mm
* Mounting bracket types - flexible direct mount, bracket or Hook.
* Special Crystal Clear Polycarbonate casing for striking light effect.
* Colours for vehicle Light bar - amber / yellow or any custom colours as required.
Dimension is 1108mm (length) x 300mm (Width) x 122mm (thickness of light bar)
Questions? email **** or call 0411 277 998 (+61 411 277 998)
LED Warning Lightsfor for vehicles and vessels - Ultra bright and compact. Low power consumption.
Left below : SUPER bright and Large HID Search Light Right below: Remote control Search light for vehicle (control from in the vehicle/vessel) IP65
Patlite is Worlds NO1 Quality in Audio visual Signaling devices
Largest range of Emergency and Signalling Sound and Light Signalling devices available
Sanda manufacturing facility which is World's no1 Manufacturing facility for Visual warning lights.
State-of-the-art products proactively answer growing market needs
In 1955, PATLITE (then Sasa Electric Laboratory) developed a high-performance micromotor for audio equipment. This triggered the development of a variety of unique revolving warning lights using high-performance motors. Ever since, we have led the industry by introducing innovative, high-quality products one after another. In particular, revolving warning lights mounted on police cars and other emergency vehicles are admired for their excellent durability as they work without breakdown for as many as 10 years. Demand for these innovative products is on the rise, reflecting diversifying social changes. The revolving warning light market is growing rapidly as people take increasingly strong interest in safety. All these trends are witnessed in the adoption of sophisticated traffic systems for coping with the ever increasing volume of traffic, the labor saving, networking and/or upgrading of factory facilities and machinery, and the securing of people's safety in emergencies.
Melbourne Metro Delivery can be made from $20 to $40
For Interstate delivery confirm with us before purchase, we use TNT or AUST post if the size is not too large for posting.
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High grade emergency warning light, vehicle light bar High grade emergency warning light, vehicle light bar High grade emergency warning light, vehicle light bar High grade emergency warning light, vehicle light bar High grade emergency warning light, vehicle light bar High grade emergency warning light, vehicle light bar