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(1) inverting octal 3-state buffer p/n MM74HCT244WM

(1) Inverting Octal 3-STATE Buffer P/N MM74HCT244WM
The MM74HCT240 and MM74HCT244 3-STATE buffers
utilize advanced silicon-gate CMOS technology and are
general purpose high speed inverting and non-inverting
buffers. They possess high drive current outputs which
enable high speed operation even when driving large bus
capacitances. These circuits achieve speeds comparable
to low power Schottky devices, while retaining the low
power consumption of CMOS. All three devices are TTL
input compatible and have a fanout of 15 LS-TTL equivalent
MM74HCT devices are intended to interface between TTL
and NMOS components and standard CMOS devices.
These parts are also plug-in replacements for LS-TTL
devices and can be used to reduce power consumption in
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